Investing in Austin since 2013

Greenbelt Commercial, LLC (Greenbelt) is a real estate development firm based in Austin, TX. Greenbelt acquires and develops unique commercial real estate projects in core locations, specializing in office, mixed-use and hospitality projects. The Greenbelt team serves as the day-to-day development manager, responsible for the feasibility, design, consultant selection and execution on every project Greenbelt is involved in. Greenbelt utilizes a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to solving and planning for all aspects of the pre-development, construction and capitalization phases of projects, upholding a standard of integrity and excellence along the way.

Greenbelt’s strategy is to create value through development while positively impacting the surrounding community and the city of Austin altogether. Greenbelt exhibits this mission through developing unique and contemporary projects that fill gaps in the market, maintain the culture of the submarket and are environmentally responsible. Founded and led by Victor Young, a Texas native and longtime Austin resident, the firm leverages its extensive relationships with local companies, brokers, and financial institutions to achieve its goals.